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Serious game Master Certificate

Expand your managerial and educational abilities by becoming a serious game master. This certificate is designed for educators, managers and human resources staff.


The Serious Game Master certification is an opportunity for you to master the basics of serious games. Learn how to teach, organize and lead innovative and game-based training activities. The Grenoble Ecole de Management Serious Game team aims to provide coaches, consultants and educators with the understanding and tools they need to take advantage of serious games.

  • Dates: French session: March 22nd-23rd 2018
  • Fees: 1 900 € (before VAT) Does not include meals and housing

By completing this certification, you will learn how to use an interactive approach to work on concrete projects and issues. Gamification, or the use of game playing in companies, has evolved rapidly and can now provide solutions to challenges in training, recruitment, change management and innovation. This certificate can be completed by the Serious Game Designer certificate.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing the certification, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the dynamics of serious games through practice
  • Analyze a situation and apply gamification to provide a training solution
  • Share the basics of serious games with participants
  • Organize and lead serious games

Key Strengths

  • A unique program in Europe
  • A certificate based on research and concrete in-company experiences
  • A hands-on program thanks to serious games developed by GEM and the IRT Nanoelec
  • An experienced specialist recognized in France and abroad for her expertise on serious games
  • A dedicated workspace for creating and using serious games

Who should participate?

The certificate is designed for professionals with or without prior experience in serious games.

  • Managers
  • Heads of training
  • Coaches
  • HR consultants
  • Anyone interested in taking advantage of the benefits offered by serious games


A two-day workshop to become a serious game master

Introduction to serious Games

  • Basics of gamification and serious game culture
  • Theories, key concepts, methodology and stakes of serious games for management

Organizing a Serious Game (content and gameplay)

  • Define game rules
  • Analyze a challenge to bolster team building
  • Use a game to address a specific issue
  • Evaluate the results of a game session

Leading a Serious Game

  • Formalize a game session
  • Create positive interactions between participants
  • Encourage public speaking and active participation
  • Foster individual and group motivation

Certification Process

To complete the training, participants have to create and test a serious game session by using the concepts and guidelines taught during the program. To ensure optimal understanding of the concepts and steps required to use serious games, participants will also complete a questionnaire to check their comprehension of each aspect of the program.

Critères d'admission

  • Niveau Bachelor
  • 3 ans d'expérience professionnelle minimum

Program Director

Hélène Michel

Professor and researcher in the fields of management and innovation ›
Internationally recognized expert on serious games

The Advantages of Gamification

The use of games in the workplace allows leaders, managers and educators to address serious issues in a fun and innovative manner. Training through gamification offers numerous advantages:

  • A problem-solving approach that encourages creativity, innovation and team spirit
  • A fun alternative for employees to deal with issues perceived as being complicated or boring
  • A training tool that fosters engagement through team building and active participation
  • A tool that can be used not only for professional training but also a wide variety of fields such as marketing or innovation, where it can facilitate sales and build customer loyalty.