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The Periscope Lab: Innovation in Education

Created in 2015, the periScop lab is designed to foster innovation in continuing education. The lab implements creative projects to develop new methods and encourage a vibrant learning environment. Its experimentations are designed to create tools that meet the needs of professionals and companies.

The periScope lab explores the entire educational ecosystem from content to educational methods and learning approaches. The goal is to promote collaboration between various stakeholders through exchange and experimentation. This GEM Executive Education lab is organized in "lean startup" mode in order to innovate efficiently. The lab carries out experiments at Grenoble Ecole de Management and with partner companies. PeriScope initiatives are guided by two important strategies:

The artist at work

PeriScope uses creativity from an artistic perspective to foster innovation in education. As the current business environment is marked by constant change, the lab aims to help professionals develop skills related to improvisation, inspiration and agility.

Service at work

The culture of service is at the heart of periScope's vision. The lab is committed to being as close as possible to companies and partners in order to understand their business environment and dream up relevant, collaborative experiments. This culture of service enables the school to plant seeds that will grow into the educational methods of tomorrow.

Time to Experiment

PeriScope regularly organizes work sessions with companies. To learn more and participate, please contact us.

Updated on 27 April 2018 at 9h53 am