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Skills that Asperger’s profiles manage better than most...

laurence sirac -(c)-Bruno-Fournier
Published on
23 November 2020

Are you looking to find analysts, developers and profiles in the field of big data? On december 10, Grenoble Ecole de Management will organize a virtual meeting for the Data Aperger program and interested businesses. The goal will be to present the new Data Asperger Certificate and encourage exchanges with businesses that have already recruited Asperger profiles.

Practical information for the Dec. 10 meeting and registration

"The autistic spectrum is wide and there is a great diversity of profiles," highlights Laurence Sirac, an expert in mentoring atypical profiles. She is also an Asperger's profile and the director of the GEM Data Asperger Program, which was launched two years ago. The third class of the Data Asperger Certificate program should bring together 30 students to be recruited by companies between Jan. and June 2021. This unique program in France has now been re-organized in order to better meet the expectations of organizations and future employees.

What's new? As of Sept. 2021, the Data Asperger Certificate will be delivered in Grenoble and Paris. It will last 15 months (instead of 6) as a work/study program that has official recognition (RNCP). What are the specific skills of Asperger profiles? While often underestimated, Asperger profiles have interesting potential for companies that know how to recruit and support them in their work environment. With a "job coach", these profiles can shine and encourage an organization's growth, in particular in the field of data.

Skills in "being"

"In terms of being, Asperger profiles are highly loyal to their company and hierarchy. They generally are very respectful of an organization's rules and values . As a result, they are loyal employees who know how to establish relationships of trust. In the same manner, we can speak about a strong work engagement: Asperger profiles are never lazy, they give 100%!" explains Laurence.

Skills in "doing"

"At the cognitive level, autistic people have very different means of processing information. Anything that doesn't fit in a process will stand out right away. As a result, bugs, unwanted elements are immediately noted just like spelling or grammatical mistakes are immediately  noticed by language experts. This ability to quickly pinpoint such discrepancies is a real strong point for data analysis,"  underlines Laurence.

"Asperger profiles also have an excellent ability to anticipate. And the solutions they propose are always unprecedented. As a result, their ability to reflect and be a source of new proposals is a real advantage for working groups. In Israël, the '10th Man' in a group for reflection is always an Asperger profile. A person who, amongst the 9 'standard' profiles, will offer a real disruption to discover innovative solutions," explains Laurence.

"Much like an auditor, an Asperger profile has all the capacities required to clarify and understand complex processes as well as identify key steps. In the field of data where a lot of information must be explored and analyzed, the Asperger profil has a cognitive ability that is particularly well suited to the task," concludes Laurence.

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