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GEM juries: a great match for professionals

Published on
15 April 2019

Every year, more than 800 professionals participate in admissions and graduation juries at Grenoble Ecole de Management. By combining the expertise of working professionals and GEM teachers, the admissions and graduation processes are greatly enhanced. Participate in this unique experience!

From May 27 to July 5, Grenoble Ecole de Management invites professionals to participate in admissions and graduation interviews. Participating professionals help evaluate potential talent side-by-side with GEM teachers. This experience offers participants the chance to meet and understand future talent as well as network with professionals and teachers.

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In 2018, Nelly Molus, a CSR auditor specialized in consulting and recruitment for supply chains and sustainable purchasing, participated in the GEM juries for the first time. She shares with us her experience.

Exchanges and networking

How did a jury day play out for you? "During the day, we worked as a team. The exchanges between professionals and GEM teachers were interesting and enabled me to discover unique professional and academic experiences. This opportunity offered the chance for an alternative perspective. The break times allowed us to meet and network with professionals and teachers."

A proud participant

"As a true Grenoblois, I'm quite attached to my region. GEM is an emblematic institution and I was proud to participate in the school's interview process. When I recruit for GEM, I do so with my perspective as a recruiter. My first question for candidates is to figure out if I would want to integrate them in my team and work with them. That's the challenge of these interviews. GEM is training the professionals of tomorrow. It's great for working professionals to help identify potential talent we would like to work with!"

Understanding the new generation

The opportunity to help identify and understand future talent was an important motivation for Nelly. "I was surprised by the diversity of profiles and the maturity of some candidates. Many demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit, humane qualities and the ability to collaborate. With ages between 18 and 21, many candidates were already engaged in humanitarian associations or personal projects. This interview process was a great way to better understand the aspirations and perspectives of the next generation."

Complementary expertise

The interview process at GEM combines both a professional's perspective and a teacher's perspective. The criteria for both actors are often quite different and complementary. "Professionals think in terms of a candidate's ability to adapt and the maturity of their thinking. Teachers think in terms of the candidate's profile, level of education, and manner of speaking or debating. But for both parties, the key is to try and evaluate if a candidate is a good fit for the learning environment, and later on, the business environment!"

"The graduation interviews underlined the diversity of GEM profiles. The soon to be graduates presented a variety of relevant subjects and often taught us about current challenges in digital marketing, social networking, the energy transition… We can benefit from the perspective of a generation that we know little about! My vision grew thanks to this experience and at the same time it's an opportunity to confirm and support a graduate's desire to enter professional life. Many of the them are organized thinkers and demonstrated potential for leadership during their interviews. They motivated me to learn more about the subjects they presented during the interview. It's an opportunity to think more about current topics. Overall, the interactions were very interesting and motivating," concludes Nelly

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