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  • Sevrine le loarne

    Discrimination: face-to-face with “ordinary” sexism in business

    Published on 12 December 2020

    What is “ordinary” sexism? How and why should companies seek to change sexist behavior? We speak with Séverine Le Loarne, head of the Women and Economic Renewal Chair (FERE Chair) at Grenoble Ecole de Management.

  • Stratégie d’affaires : comment profiter d’une fenêtre d’opportunité ?

    Business strategy: making the most of a window of opportunity

    Published on 11 December 2020

    Industry latecomers often have one or more opportunities to catch up to market leaders. How can businesses identify and capitalize on a window of opportunity?

  • transition écologique (c) petmal pour gettyimages

    Green IT: How can digital services be environmentally friendly?

    Published on 23 November 2020

    From best practices to digital sobriety, how can companies and individuals take concrete steps to foster a Greener IT of the future? Fanny Rabouille presents several simple and pragmatic ideas to implement at individual and collective levels.

  • laurence sirac -(c)-Bruno-Fournier

    Skills that Asperger’s profiles manage better than most...

    Published on 23 November 2020

    The Data Asperger Certificate at Grenoble Ecole de Management opens the door for Asperger profiles and companies to join forces. An opportunity to integrate a unique profile and benefit from a fresh perspective.

  • Solutions (c) olivierLeMoal- GettyImages

    Why choose a Solution Focused Approach?

    Published on 16 November 2020

    ercoming limitations thanks to a Solution Focused Approach? The concept comes to us from the USA and has spread around the globed. The keys to this approach are found in describing and accepting limitations in order to free our creativity and co-...

  • Grenoble - copy Lightkey

    What image does Grenoble bring to mind? Innovative, polluted, mountains, violent...

    Published on 23 November 2020

    Innovative, polluted, violent, sports, mountains… Over the years, Grenoble’s image has evolved, with a notable spotlight being shined on security since 2010. Yet research also highlights that innovation has remained a fundamental image associated...