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  • Pourquoi les DRH doivent-elles se saisir du digital ?

    Why Is the Digital Revolution Essential for HR?

    Published on 26 March 2018

    The digital revolution is impacting all areas of business. While HR are particularly affected by this change, it’s an opportunity for them to focus their efforts on the “employee experience”.

  • Innovation : entre le secret et l’ouverture

    Innovation: Balancing Secrecy and Openness

    Published on 26 March 2018

    Research confirms that, in most cases, the benefits of open research outweigh secrecy and knowledge protection in most cases. As a result, companies have to find the right balance between protecting their knowledge and exchanging with external...

  • Transition énergique : quand l’e-mobilité détrônera les véhicules thermiques

    Energy Transition: When Will Electrical Mobility Take Over?

    Published on 26 March 2018

    Electrical mobility has become an important factor in the global energy transition. Yet many challenges remain to creating a carbon-free alternative to traditional cars and transportation.

  • paiement mobile

    How to Encourage User Adoption of Mobile Payment Options?

    Published on 26 March 2018

    Despite the convenience of mobile payment technology, customer adoption of this new technology is not a given. How can companies build on previous internet experience to facilitate this transition?

  • Lutte contre les inégalités de genre : WoMen@GEM veut donner l’exemple

    Fighting against gender inequalities with WoMen[at]GEM

    Published on 06 March 2018

    WoMen[at]GEM; Grenoble EM focuses on the potential of an alliance of women and men to fight against gender inequalities

  • New MSc International HR Management in the digital age

    Published on 27 February 2018

    When Digital Systems are dramatically changing the way we work on a daily basis, Human Resources professionals have to adapt too. To that end, GEM continues to innovate and is now one of the first – if not the first – business school to introduce a...