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Energy Economics for Professionals and Managers

35+ Learning hours in total

100 % online course  

First run starting : October 8th 2021
Applications close on September 20th 2021

All courses are taught in English.

Bachelor level or professional experience

Certificate delivered by Grenoble Ecole de Management and KIC InnoEnergy

3 000 €
Special discount: 2 700 € for registrations confirmed before July 19, 2021.


The Energy Economics program will focus on the concept of market failures, how they map into the main energy challenges society is currently facing, and the implications for the design of policies and firms’ strategies. 

  • Understand the key economic and financial tools used to design and analyze firms’ strategies in the energy markets
  • Focus on the strategic and financing aspects related to firms' strategies
  • Learn the key concepts and tools that professionals and managers can use to develop their firms’ strategies.

This programme equips energy managers with the vital skills and knowledge required to critically understand the forces altering energy markets. Built around real-world energy sector case studies and deploying cutting-edge virtual learning methods, the programmer empowers participants with a range of powerful microeconomic analytical tools to enact positive change across the energy sector.

Course Learning Outcomes :  

These skills will be vital to develop and analyse successful business strategies in the energy sector including:

  • Supply and demand analysis in energy markets;
  • Comparative statistics to predict market outcomes;
  • Demand and supply elasticity;
  • The impact of levelised cost of electricity (LCEO);
  • Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) of different technologies; and
  • Game theory concepts to identify the best strategies.

Program Strength

  • Expertise from a Europe-wide network of business, academic and research partners in the energy field : The EIT InnoEnergy network includes 23 shareholders, as well as 430+ associate and project partners which represent the best of Europe’s industry, research, and higher education – and all are key players within the energy sector 
  • Unrivalled business intelligence to help you succeed in today’s renewable energy ecosystem 
  • Strong instructional design expertise focusing on the development of innovative learning tools 
  • Content from GEM, a top ranked business school in France on the cutting-edge of the energy management, with a dedicated chaire gathering the best experts in this field.
  • 8 online lectures of 120 minutes each  
  • 1 serious game (2 times 180 minutes)   
  • 3 mentoring sessions of 20 minutes  
  • personal home work 

Targeted skills

  • October 8th – 120 min in class, 90 min outside class
    • Construct demand and supply curves;
    • Predict simple market outcomes;
    • Identify market failures in energy markets
  • October 11th – 120 min in class, 90 min outside class
    • Predict monopoly and competitive equilibrium in electricity markets;
    • Calculate demand elasticity of electricity demand;
    • Establish the pros and cons to regulate natural monopolies in electricity markets
  • October 13th – 120 min in class, 90 min outside class
    • Elaborate firms’ strategies in electricity markets using tools from game theory;
    • Understand simple electricity auctions and bidding strategies
  • October 18th – 120 min in class, 90 min outside class
    • Establish the pros and cons of market-based instruments;
    • Elaborate constructive critics of U-ETS
  • October 20th – 120 min in class, 90 min outside class
    • Perform net-present value calculations and cost-benefit analysis to compare energy technologies
  • November 15th – 120 min in class, 90 min outside class
    • Compute levelized cost of electricity for wind and solar PV technologies
  • November 17th – 120 min in class, 90 min outside class
    • What are IAMs and why are they important?

  • November 22th – 120 min in class, 90 min outside class
    • What are the main decarbonization scenarios?

  • Sessions 1 & 2 : October 27th – 2 x 180 min in class, 120 min outside class
    • Elaborate strategies in the electricity markets 

Educational approach

  • In-class activities / at-home activities / Background readings  
  • Serious game   
  • Mentoring  
  • Individual project with evaluation leading to certification 


Each learner must present a Individual project leading to GEM & InnoEnergy certification 

Organizational arrangements

100% online: participants will need a computer and access to the internet to be able to connect to the courses.

Designed and delivered by Grenoble Ecole de Management and its partner InnoEnergy, this course uniquely combines leading academic research in the field of energy economics with applied knowledge. Lecturers have experience across different segment of the energy sectors, and worked on delivering solutions to the challenges of the energy transition.

  • Sébastien Houde, Associate Professor, Grenoble Ecole de Management 
  • Joachim Schleich, Professor, Grenoble Ecole de Management 
  • Valeria Fanghella, Researcher Energy Team, Grenoble Ecole de Management 
  • Fabrice Arroyo, Program Director of the Advanced Master (MS) in Energy Marketing & Management at Grenoble Ecole de Management

For professional, this class is an opportunity to develop a new set of skills to master economic tools to design and analyze firms’ strategies in the energy sector. For managers, this class represents an opportunity to learn about such tools and become thought leader in promoting rigorous economic analysis in link with the energy transition. 

Participant profile

This course is for professionals and managers interested to understand the economics of the energy transition. The class will introduce the main concepts and tools that are used by energy economists to analyze energy markets and the fundamental forces in the energy sectors.

Admission requirements

Bachelor level or professional experience 

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