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Certificate in Digital Marketing

Program duration
90 hours – 3 weeks over 4 months
Degree level
Professional Certificate
Entry requirements
Bachelor degree / at least 3 years of professional experience / Proof of fluency in English
Full program fees
€ 6,100
Teaching location
96, rue Didot 75014 Paris

Applications for 2020 admissions are closed.

​In fast-paced international environments, the ability to implement a digital transformation of management processes is a key strength to drive competitive advantage. How can you effectively integrate a digital marketing approach to everyday business practices? How should you manage necessary resources in a digital marketing context?

This program provides professionals from diverse backgrounds with concrete knowledge to build on digital technology. Develop your ability to select and use the right technology to meet your needs in terms of marketing strategy and project management. Through three in-depth modules, you will develop the skills required to master new technology and attract customers. In addition, this understanding will facilitate your capacity to build long-term customer relationships.

During the program, you will acquire knowledge and skills related to digital technology, digital marketing strategy and project management. Throughout the course, you will focus on understanding the fundamentals, challenges and opportunities of digital technology, digital management and digital marketing.

  • Identify technical challenges and build on new opportunities for digital marketing.
  • Apply the “golden rules” of web design and their associated KPIs.
  • Implement web-analytics in digital content and design.
  • Integrate the customer’s experience as part of your offer thanks to innovative approaches to marketing.
  • Manage web application projects to overcome technical and organizational challenges.
  • Analyze the business impact of our rapidly changing digital media environment.
  • Apply fundamental techniques for website communications, online consumer behavior, e-retailing and customer relationship management.

Program strengths

  • Acquire operational tools for the effective implementation of digital marketing projects.
  • Develop your ability to see the 'big picture' in a fast paced marketing environment.
  • Open the door to career advancement thanks to recognized, concrete skills.
  • Share experiences with international experts, professionals and peers.
  • Participants who validate all three modules also earn credit towards our MBA program (credit valid for 2 years).
  • Take part in a training program developed by a triple accredited business school.

Three intensive sessions of one week each are delivered on our Paris campus. During the Certificate in Digital Management, participants join a group of Executive MBA participants that are currently studying at GEM. You will benefit from the diverse highly competitive environment and extend your professional network.

Digital Technology (30h): Feb 10 - 14, 2020

Core concepts:

  • Digital tools and technologies
  • Digital marketing information system

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Assess the impact on marketing activities of the technical options implemented by a company
  • Ensure the application of the web design “Golden Rules”
  • Manage the implementation of a digital marketing information system

Digital Management (30h): April 6 - 10, 2020

Core concepts:

  • Strategic digital-oriented marketing management
  • Omni channel strategy

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the purchasing process followed by consumers
  • Integrate the customer experience journey in marketing strategy
  • Design an omni-channel strategy and assess its performance

Digital Marketing (30h): May 25 -29, 2020

Core concept:

  • Digital marketing mix

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Design the digital marketing mix for your company (selection of digital channels)
  • Use the main digital advertising platforms (implementing digital channels)
  • Monitor & optimize the performance of your digital marketing mix (analytics)


Participants will be evaluated on how they apply course concepts to their specific professional project. This will include written reports, oral presentations, quizzes and case study analyses.

Educational approach

This certificate builds on a ‘learn by doing’ approach. Participants will explore key theoretical concepts based on academic articles and case studies before applying this knowledge to their own professional project.


This certificate is taught by GEM faculty and professional experts. With faculty engaged in applied research and the input of working professionals, the course links theory and practice by sharing useful knowledge and analyzing real-life business cases. Our diverse set of faculty and experts ensures the program benefits from a strong international perspective.


The skills acquired during this certificate can help open the door to new responsibilities such as:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Advertising specialist
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Customer Experience Manager

Admissions requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • At least three years of professional experience
  • Proof of fluency in English

Admission is subject to the number of places available.

Participant profile

Professionals from various backgrounds who wish to acquire essential skills and techniques to facilitate their understanding and management of digital transformation projects.

To apply for this program please fill out the online application form and send all required supporting documents (indicated in the application form).

Program Fees

The certificate costs €6,100, which covers tuition and access to all GEM facilities. This fee does not include meals or accommodation.